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Keeping Safe and Fun in the Summer Sun!

As the summer begins, where will your family go and play during the warmest season of the year? With the beginning of the summer comes longer days, warmer weather, and no school work! There are so many fun activities to enjoy during the summer: swimming, camping, and even traveling. Whichever way you make memories this summer, don’t forget to visit DSD Pharmacy. We always have the right products in stock to keep you safe and protected during the heat of the summer.

Staying Safe in the Summer Sun

The sun’s rays provide essential light and warmth, but they also have the potential to damage your skin. Sunlight is a type of ultraviolet light, also known as UV light. UV rays are either UVA or UVB:

  • UVA rays make up 95% of the rays that reach the earth.

  • UVB rays make up the remaining 5%.

It is important to understand the effects of UV rays since they are not only absorbed into the earth but your skin, too! These harmful rays often lead to unpleasant sunburns on your skin. UVA & UVB rays also result in:

  • Skin damage

  • Skin cancers

  • Skin blisters

No matter your skin type, you have to prioritize protection from sun damage. The Fitzpatrick Scale, shown below, is a classification system for skin types and their reaction to UV rays.

To help your skin this summer, we recommend using:

  • Aloe vera gel – which helps soothe sunburns.

  • Hats & Sunglasses – protect your head and face from the sun.

  • Sunscreen – helps filter UV rays from the sun to protect your skin from damage.

Proper Sunscreen Usage

With the purchase of sunscreen at your DSD Pharmacy, you will see the letters SPF. SPF is the abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor. SPF measures how well the product will protect your skin against the sun. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreens with an SPF 30. It’s always important to understand which SPF has the best protection from sun damage.

SPF level

Level of protection from UVB Rays

SPF 15


SPF 30


SPF 50


SPF 100


While some products have SPF ratings higher than 30, that does not necessarily guarantee significantly higher protection. This information can help you make informed decisions when purchasing sunscreen for you and your family at DSD Pharmacy.

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind When Applying Sunscreen

  • It is important to reapply your sunscreen to avoid sunburns this summer. Water from swimming and sweating can cause sunscreen to rub off, becoming ineffective against UV rays. We recommend reapplying every two to three hours when outside, even when using brands that market themselves as water-resistant.

  • With each application, sunscreen should always cover your face, neck, arms, legs, and lips. Along with sunscreen for your body, many brands even sell lip balm, ensuring you avoid burns even on your lips!

  • Many customers often forget to check the expiration dates on their sunscreen. Topical products do lose efficacy over time, and it is important to stop using products after their prime. Our team is readily available to help you locate the expiration date and show you our extensive sunscreen options for sale.

Sun Safety Beyond the Beach

No matter where you go this summer, it's important to have sunscreen available for easy protection throughout the day. Sunscreen isn’t just for beach days but any outdoor occasion throughout the week. We recommend customers use sunscreen when:

  • Driving

  • Attending an outdoor wedding

  • Camping

  • Visiting a water park

  • Fishing

  • Yardwork

  • Exercising outside

While sunscreen is vital to your health this summer, it’s also important to remember to stay hydrated, stay in shaded areas, and take routine breaks from physical activity during peak temperatures. Our team at DSD Pharmacy wants to make sure you enjoy your time off this summer. Let us keep you healthy and well-protected for any occasion during one of the hottest seasons of the year!

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