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Dispill Packaging

DSD Pharmacy Provides Our Customers With Dispill Packaging Services

If you take multiple medications throughout the day, you know how much effort goes into keeping your pills and schedule organized. Dispill packaging from DSD Pharmacy reduces your stress and helps you stay healthy. We package your prescriptions so that you know when you need to take each one. Take the guesswork out of your medication schedule by using our dispill packaging services!

What is Dispill Packaging?

Dispill® is a multi-dose packaging solution that helps improve patients’ adherence to their medication regimen. Our solution allows the pharmacy to provide medication to patients in an all-inclusive blister pack. Our multi-dose packaging system enhances patient safety and efficiency throughout the pharmacy. Each dose is conveniently packaged in each pouch and labeled with drug name, strength, dosage, date, and time so patients can easily determine what they should be taking and how much they should take. Each customized pouch is labeled and stored in a re-usable box, eliminating the possibility of taking the wrong medications at the wrong time.

Manage Your Medications With Ease With Our Multi-Dose Packaging

We make it easy for you to take and keep track of your medications. With multi-dose packaging, you will know instantly if you missed a dose, eliminate the possibility of taking a medication twice, and get a visual reminder of your dosage regimen. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and keep you as healthy as possible. Taking your prescription medication has never been easier! Talk to your local pharmacy in Gastonia, NC, for more information today.

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