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Add A Visit to DSD Pharmacy On Your Year-End Travel Checklist

Are you among the many Americans planning on traveling this month? With decreased COVID restrictions, there will be an increase in traveling this year. Whether by train, plane, boat, or car, make sure you include a stop at DSD Pharmacy to prepare for your departure.

A silhouette of a family walking at the airport while a plane is taking off.

Stay Up to Date On Your Vaccinations

Have you stayed up-to-date on your COVID vaccinations? The recently re-designed COVID booster shots target the subvariants causing a rise in COVID cases. We also offer shots to help you stay healthy during the peak of flu season this year. Protect your family’s immune system by taking a trip to DSD Pharmacy and getting your vaccines to ensure an enjoyable vacation season. Are you headed to an international destination or two? Consult with the CDC for travel vaccine requirements.

Call DSD Pharmacy to confirm which vaccines we have available.

A family smiling and pointing to bandaids on their arms after receiving vaccinations.

Travel Light & Don’t Forget Your Medications

Packing smart can mitigate the cost of checked luggage if you can pack light for your trip. Your medications can travel with you with the convenience of our medication packaging services at DSD Pharmacy. We hope to provide every medicine you need without taking up too much of your luggage space. Our medication packs allow for convenient dosing during your trip.

Travel kits are a great resource to keep your family healthy throughout your travels. Please consult with our pharmacy team on which products will be ideal for your health and wellness travel kit. When on vacation, you will want to have medications to address common issues such as:

  • Indigestion

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • Cough

  • Cut or scrape

Pay a visit to DSD Pharmacy, and we will help you assemble your travel kit today!

A woman walking down the street with her luggage.

DSD Pharmacy is Here for All Your Travel Needs

At DSD Pharmacy, we hope you stay safe and enjoy all of your holiday travel plans. If you start feeling unwell, we offer Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT) services. Rather than searching for a doctor in your vacation city, stop by our pharmacy for patient care services. Some examples of POCT available include:

  • COVID testing

  • Flu virus testing

  • Strep throat testing

  • Diabetes Care Management

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

Contact our pharmacy staff to get a list of the POCT options available at DSD Pharmacy. We aim to get you feeling healthy and back on track to enjoy the rest of your travels!

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